About Us

a new experimental approach

With over 15 years of FMCG experience at blue chip companies including Pladis, Reckit, McDonald’s and Pernod Ricard, I decided to combine my personal passion for consumer insights, innovation and digital marketing to assist companies with their innovation projects. Inspired by lean practices I devised novel techniques to enhance the success rate of innovation for FMCG firms.

Eelke Verwijs

data science for better decisions

Data and digital innovation have been at the center of my career. 15 years ago, at the start of the big data revolution, I started as a consultant and rolled out an ecommerce shop for a DNVB player in two countries. I continued my career as a marketeer and since 2022 I lead various predictive modeling-, analysis- and data scraping projects. My role is to connect the dots and ensure that the most robust data set is designed to deliver the best value for each project.

Nicolas van Dijk