Case: Gaining insight into Johnny Cashew's target audience


In order to expand the scope of Johnny Cashew’s business, they aimed to gain insights into their most promising target audience. A well-defined segmentation would enhance their ability to focus their marketing efforts effectively.


Johnny Cashew, a purpose-driven brand seeking to revolutionize the cashew nut industry, addresses the environmental impact of cashew transportation. Traditionally, cashew nuts travel from Tanzania through Asia to Europe, resulting in 12,000 unnecessary transport kilometers and associated emissions. Johnny Cashew adopts a unique approach, processing cashew nuts directly in Tanzania from Fairtrade-certified farmers, promoting fairness and reducing CO2 emissions.


We conducted a quantitative online research study with a sizable and representative sample of cashew nut consumers in the Netherlands. Utilizing statistical methodologies based on demographic data, usage patterns, and attitudes, we identified distinctive segments.


Five distinct segments emerged, with two segments demonstrating the highest potential for targeting. These groups exhibited keen interest in Johnny Cashew and were frequent consumers of cashew nuts. This outcome provided a clear direction for the brand to focus on in their marketing communication and innovation strategy.


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Johnny Cashew