Case: Retail testing with 8 participating innovations


Eight brands sought a deeper understanding of consumer responses and potential sales outcomes for their latest innovations, aiming to enhance product or marketing strategies.


A mix of eight brands took part in the study, including the recently introduced Absolut Vodka Espresso Martini can, the German brand All Good Cereals, No Sugar Daddies Choco Chunks, Heaply vegan banana and strawberry marshmallows, Pacha de Cacao juice, Cultcha Kombucha, Jara salsa sauces, and Vegablum vegan honey.


Over a two-week period, all products were featured on an ‘innovation display’ at Landmarkt Amsterdam supermarket to assess their sales performance. Each brand underwent brief 2-minute interviews, with a maximum of three questions, while consumers had the opportunity to taste the products.


The test yielded valuable insights for each participating brand, offering a comparison of sales results against category competitors. The interviews focused on taste, packaging, and appearance, and spontaneous consumer responses were also
documented. The comprehensive feedback provided actionable recommendations for further improvements in both product and brand characteristics.

If you’re eager to put your brand to the test in a supermarket, reach out to us.

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