In-market experimentation

uncover undeclared consumer behavior

Our uniqueness stems from our in-market experimentation tool to validate FMCG product innovation prior to a broad market launch.

Traditional purchase intent indicators aren't a reliable way to predict innovation success, as consumers' stated preferences don't match their actual behavior. Our approach reveals latent consumer behavior.

We possess the capability to assess your new product in a real-world market setting, encompassing retail, e-commerce, and foodservice channels. We collaborate with committed partners in the retail and foodservice sectors and e-commerce platforms. Over a one-month test period, we collect and analyze sales data, comparing it with competitors, providing valuable insights into genuine purchasing patterns. Additionally, we can provide quantitative research in both physical stores and online to gain a deeper understanding of consumer preferences and needs.

How it works


We collaborate with you to define the research objective. Are we seeking to validate a new product or prototype, explore the potential of a new market, or target a new consumer audience? In each of these scenarios, in-market experimentation can deliver the optimal validation solution.


Upon receiving your products, we initiate the fieldwork process. We take charge of the logistics related to the selected distribution channels and commence monitoring sales.


In respect to each channel, we evaluate product performance and provide you with comprehensive reports. Furthermore, we gather, analyze, and furnish consumer feedback obtained through our quantitative study.

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